What do we do? We save lives, we teach children, we immunise those in need of medical care and we provide clean water to the people who really need it. All supplied through the eRanger motorbike...

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The quickest and easiest way to explain what we do is to show you. Watching these short films will take three minutes - and hopefully convince you of the good work done by eRanger.

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The eRanger bikes

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Learn more about the ambulance

Provides transport to and from local health centres, giving communities the means to take advantage of distant and widespread health-care resources.

Learn more about the ambulance

Learn more about the mobile clinic

To meet the challenge in providing primary care interventions to isolated populations we have developed the eRanger Mobile Immunisation Clinic Unit. The Immunisation unit has been specifically designed for outreach work in rural areas with many features to help local medical staff carry out their work.

Learn more about the mobile clinic

Learn more about Education

The units are equipped with combination TV/VCR. The power is supplied from a compact generator system, and there is ample storage space for leaflets and educational supplies. Its function can also be enhanced by additional Audio Visual equipment and aids.

Learn more about Education

Learn more about the water unit

The Oasis range of products has been specifically designed to deal with the provision of clean water in remote regions where there is a supply of possibly contaminated water. The OASIS water unit has Britsh Water Research Council Approval.

Learn more about the water unit

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Monday 6 June

26 Ambulance Drivers trained in Zambia

20 eRanger Ambulances for Zambia read full story Read full story

Saturday 18 November

eRanger Ambulances for Clinton Health

60 eRanger Ambulances for Clinton Health Ethiopia Project Read full story

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Southern Sudan

Motorbike ambulances help fight maternal mortality in Southern Sudan


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