Schools Tools


Founder- Schools’ Tools  Pauline Deacon Elliott (Oliver)

Born into a Naval family in Bedford England in 1952, the eldest twin daughter of the Traylor family. Educated in Ceylon, Malta, England and Singapore. I have continued my love of horses, art, design, sports, photography and people. I started my charity work as a sixth former in Singapore raising funds for a blind school.

My inspiration to help children less fortunate started in 2003, while visiting the townships in South Africa. Helping in a simple way, raising funds and collecting educational books with friends in the UK ; to then ship them to start the libraries in the townships of the Eastern Cape, with ERangers help.

I now live in Dubai with my husband, continue to travel and document my work for the charity. I would love to see local companies help those less fortunate in their communities, by giving, doing something to enrich both the children’s lives and their own.

A scheme to raise funds and awareness of art education for schools in the local districts of King Williams Town and East London. The Schools' Tools project has been up-and-running since June 2003 and has already made a positive impact. Children and schools have benefited from materials and support, and the work continues to help bring a brighter future to a well deserving group of young people. With the continuing support of The Ranger Production Company, fund raisers in the UK and staff working in the Workshop we hope to be able to increase the amount of support we are able to give to local schools.

How it all started

My inspiration to help those children less fortunate than ourselves came some time ago, while visiting the poverty stricken townships of South Africa. While wandering around Nelson Mandela's museum in Umtata, I came across some wonderful pictures and letters written by the youth of South Africa to thank their Grandfather for his love and dedication towards peace. I was so touched by this that I wanted, in my small way, to give them inspiration to draw and write.

The idea was to help in a simple way. By raising funds in the UK and taking the proceeds out to Africa then buying art materials and educational aids to create fun activities for the younger members of the schools. The Ranger Production team have given us a building next to their factory near King Williams Town, which has been refurbished and cheerfully painted by Rebecca Crouch. She has helped a lot to get Schools' Tools started and continues to raise funds while at University in Scotland, UK.

We will be using the building to make chalkboards, pin-boards and other educational items, which will be distributed to the poorer schools to help improve their lives. If we can get help from local industries for the raw materials, recycled books, wood and paper for drawing - a lot can be achieved.

The fund-raising has started in the UK, with various projects in the local villages near my home. People are kept informed with newssheets and pictures of where their funding is being used.

It was very rewarding to present books to a school near Umtata who have now started a library.



We have been very busy at the charity over the past six years, helping schools in the townships of the Eastern Cape. We started a mobile library in 2005 and helped a few schools with computers, printers and sports equipment including high jump apparatus with eRangers help.

We received a wonderful donation of educational books from a UK publisher, of which we are very grateful. Along with books collected from Yorkshire and with the help of many other counties in the UK, our dream of starting libraries in the township schools began. Altogether we at Schools Tools, have managed to distribute reading books to 12 schools and two orphanages in and around King Williams Town and Bensile School in Umtata South Africa. We asked the workers at the eRanger factory near King Williams Town, where their children were being schooled and knocked on their doors.

Twelve schools. Mgcawezulu Secondary, Tshatshu High Primary, Noncedo Primary, Breibach Primary and Bisho High School to name a few, received our books to start their libraries.

 We hope in future to have more donations of educational books in English; if any publishers have some to spare.

 Children deserve to absorb knowledge from books, we in the western world take this for granted, the poorest families cannot afford them for their children.

Make the difference, help in your local village or town, donate. Businesses out there can help too.