The eRanger has had a great deal of interest from very diverse groups.

Micro loans can be made available and structured to allow small business and owner operators to use the eRanger for delivery and service duties within rural and urban communities.

Some ideas below as to how adaptable and flexible the eRanger products can be made to be :

1. Garden maintenance

A straightforward adaptation of the basic unit to carry the necessary equipment for a small garden maintenance business. As with all the entrepreneurial units the key is to keep the initial cost as low as possible.


2. Pool Cleaning

A basic unit with enough storage facilities for the necessary equipment to clean swimming pools. Telescopic Poles can be carried and the “box” compartment becomes a place to store chemicals and filters. Able to easily carry two people this unit is ideal to kick-start a business.


3. Mobile phone

A unit specially modified to be eye catching and interesting. This unit sells phone accessories and allows users to make calls who are then charged by the minute, a truly mobile phone.


4. Dog Unit

The eRanger Mobile dog-patrol unit has been undergoing development.

It's intended that the mobile dog-patrol become one of our standard products and is expected to attract interest from Civil and Military police forces as well as Private Security companies who use dogs.