Mobile Clinic

Even in today’s high technology health care environment, good basic primary health care is still a huge factor in improving national health markers and individual health. The need for primary care does not stop outside the clinics doors and is increasingly important in rural sub-Saharan Africa where infrastructure and service provision restricts access to a large portion of the population.

 In order to meet the challenge in providing primary care interventions to these isolated populations the Ranger Production Company has developed the eRanger Mobile Immunisation Clinic Unit.
Design Considerations
The new design includes many new ideas and equipment, the new unit has been based on the successful and durable eRanger Ambulance platform,
The eRanger Immunisation/Clinic unit has been specifically designed for primary health care in rural areas with many features that benefit local medical staff and enhance their ability to carry out primary care clinics in remote rural locations.
The self contained unit can transport two healthcare workers into the field and can be set up at a point of use in a few minutes. The unit is designed to reach areas that may be inaccessible to all but 4-wheel drive vehicles, but at a fraction of the cost.                                                                                                 


Each unit has a set of standard features shown below, we have also incorporated the ability to vary the loads thereby allowing the unit to perform varied primary care tasks including :-

•         Immunisation
•         Post natal checks
•         Sputum Collection 
•         Drug distribution such as anti retro viral
•         White Blood Cell Monitoring      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Current Standard features and equipment:-
• Stainless-steel, wipe clean, work surfaces fold out to over 2m

• X3 Stainless steel bowls

• Built in sink

• Sharps box for safe needle/syringe disposal

• Needle cutter to ensure safety and stop needle reuse.

• Scales for babies, infants and adults

• To ensure patient privacy and dignity during consultations, the whole unit is fitted within an easy to erect 3 metre sq canopy shelter.

• Two fold up chairs

• Electrical power sockets (12v)

• Clean water storage, up to 20 litres

• Lockable Drug Storage

• Cargo space for additional equipment. Capability to carry medical supplies and medication suitable for a broad spectrum of clinical uses.

• An Otoscope

• An Ophthalmoscope

• A digital infra-red non contact Thermometer

• A duel head Stethoscope

• An aneroid sphygmanometer.

Optional features and equipment:-
 • A white blood cell monitor

For further detailed information and pricing please contact us
Ian Avery   mobile 44 7989 204703
Mike Norman mobile 44 7852 478642
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