Needle Cutter

eRanger has developed an innovative handheld, effective Needle Cutter to prevent reuse of needles and syringes as well as ensure they are disposed of carefully by storing the hazardous sharps until they can be placed into a permanent disposal unit.

This Needle Cutter was initially designed to be fitted to the eRanger Immunisation Unit and the Needle Cutter and is now fitted as standard to our clinic products. It can now also be purchased separately for use in clinics and other healthcare facilities.

The Needle Cutter is constructed of high quality stainless steel and impact resistant polypropylene plastic. The system uses stainless steel sheers to cut the needle from its housing or syringe and collects the contaminated sharps in a 500 ml container.

needle cutter

Operation is simple

1. Gentle pressure is applied to the levers on the top of the unit to open the needle aperture.

2. The needle is inserted in the aperture until it stops.

3. Further pressure on the levers cleanly cuts the needle from its housing and deposits the hazardous sharp in the container.

4. Once pressure is released a return spring returns the levers to their original position covering the needle aperture.

5. Once the container is full it can be carefully unscrewed and fitted with its secure lid for transport to a point of safe disposal.

Needles it can cope with include

  • Slip Tip in gauges 16-30
  • Eccentric Tip in gauges 16-30
  • Luer-lok in gauges 16-30
  • Combination moulded syringes & needles up to 3ml capacity any gauge.
  • This system is not suitable for glass syringe & needle combinations such as pre-filled heparin syringes.


The Unit comes complete with wall mounting brackets and second sharps container.