Oasis Water Purification Unit

The Oasis GP-12 is a portable water treatment unit designed to provide safe drinking water from biologically contaminated freshwater sources. The system uses a three stage micro filtration process and an ultraviolet treatment system to clean the water to a standard safe to drink.
Typical output
The Oasis GP-12 can output clean drinking water at a rate of 12 litres per minute. This is equivalent to 720 litres per hour or 17,280 litres over 24 hours. It is possible to increase this output by running multiple units in series.
Using the Oasis
The Oasis GP-12 has been designed for ease of use and maintainence as a key feature. Operation is by a tamper proof and removable key switch. It has integrated control systems to make sure the UV dosage is at the right level needed to ensure safe drinking water and safety cut out to stop flow should the UV unit fail, for any reason.
The Oasis GP-12 is powered by 210/220 AC electrical power and is fitted with a standard 3 pin connector. In addition it can be gang plugged to other units from a single generator source or it can can be powered via a 12-volt power source via an inverter, allowing use with vehicle power supplies and solar systems.
Main features:
•UV system with minimum dose of 24 mWs/cm2 at end of bulb life
•Triple stage standard 10” filter housings for pre-filtration.
•Tamper proof, removable key switch operation.
•Failsafe and warm-up sequence system.
•Power and status indicator lights.
•Unit comes complete with spares, tools and documentation.
•Pressure sensed pump system simply open the tap for delivery.
•Unit set up and operation within 15 minutes
•Easily transportable, Dimensions L 740mm x W 410mm x H 550mm
•WRc approved WRc Ref: UC7002 for drinking water standards to Uk off mains supply.
•No chemical dosing or treatments required.