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eRanger Company History

Our Founder

The company was started by Mike Norman, Managing Director and inventor. His inspiration came some years ago, while he was watching a television programme which aimed to raise money to buy a four-wheel drive ambulance for use in Africa. With his experience and love of motorcycles Mike felt that he could produce a similar, yet more versatile product for a fraction of the cost. Thus the Ranger LifeCycle was born.

Product Development

After much experimentation and two years of successful trials in Zimbabwe, Mike's invention won the coveted Worldaware Shell Technology Award for Development in 1999. As a direct result of winning this award, Robert Deacon Elliott brought the project to the attention of HRH Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.

Key Sponsors & Supporters

Prince Bandar immediately saw The Ranger LifeCycle as a most effective means of instantly and sustainably bringing health care transport to many people who were less fortunate than us, and offered his full support and sponsorship.


On hearing of the project the then President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, endorsed the humanitarian benefits of The Ranger LifeCycle by becoming a Patron.  Although Madiba has now passed on, he remains our eternal Patron in spirit. 

Today there are over 2000 eRangers operating in more than 20 countries saving lives.

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