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eRanger Ambulance
eRanger Ambulance Fleet
The Fleet
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The Fleet

The Ambulance has been developed to provide transport to and from local health-centres, providing communities with the means to take advantage of distant and widespread health-care resources.  Able to safely and comfortably carry one patient and an outreach medical worker, plus emergency supplies for on-site treatment, it can greatly reduce the time taken to get essential and urgent medical assistance to remote communities.


Every Ambulance has a specialist leading link front suspension system fitted as standard, improving the Ambulance’s already impressive off-road and on-road capability. In addition, complete patient protection is ensured with additional “roof” bars and an all-weather cover.


Patient transfer has been improved with a novel hinged section allowing easy access to the stretcher’s flat platform.  The main feature of the Ambulance is the side-mounted stretcher, attached via metal-elastic mounts that, when combined with the sidecar's suspension, considerably smoothes the ride over rough ground. The stretcher itself has multiple functions.


When flat, a prone patient can be carried, protected by an all-weather cover. It then also converts into a suspended chair. In both positions there is storage space at the rear of the sidecar. The chair position is suitable for the walking wounded, sick and expectant mothers. 

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