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Training & Support

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Effective training is at the heart of The Ranger Production Company’s philosophy because of its integral role in providing sustainable solutions to transportation and medical provision within the developing world. Personnel training is at the heart of each project, whatever the size, due to it being integral to creating safe, successful and sustainable solutions.


It is the attention to detail that matters to The Ranger Production Company hence we provide a comprehensive training package as part of the initial procurement solution of every project. We have extensive training facilities at our South African factory which includes a test track to replicate most driving conditions and a classroom to carry out the theory learning, so personnel can be trained in practical situations relevant to their project.


We also have a dedicated team of trainers who can travel to train project personnel locally. In recent months this has included Ranger Production Company trainers travelling to Zambia, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Liberia and Afghanistan.


Our training covers the entire scope of skills required to operate a fleet of vehicles, including driver training, vehicle maintenance, operational skills and patient handling skills. The aim is to empower the owners to extend the training to all operators, we do this by continuing to support the activities of each project.


Where deployments are extensive, we work closely with local experts and ensure the infrastructure is available to sustain projects using locally owned enterprises which encourages sustainability of the project.

How We Do It

We develop products designed specifically for the need of our customers, backed up by a comprehensive infrastructure of training, support and maintenance solutions. The eRanger is a versatile and robust vehicle design to enable access over the toughest terrain to deliver its varied cargo safely and in one piece, ready to go into action quickly and easily.

Whether it's a patient needing hospital treatment or a media kit for making presentations there is a unit that will suit your needs.

The eRanger combines the benefits of a motorcycle with the cargo capacity of a sidecar, in a package that is cost effective, rugged and simple to maintain. Ideal for use by the local population and already tried and tested in the hardest conditions, the eRanger has proven to be extremely durable and reliable and is already making a positive impact in various parts of the world.

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