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Made popular during the early days of World War I for its speed and mobility in getting patients off dangerous battlefields quickly, the motorbike ambulance is still proving itself advantageous in numerous ways.  Julian Newton, a paramedic supervisor who participated in several training exercises with indigenous medical teams, seemed particularly confident the new interventions would prove promising for the area.

“It’s absolutely certain these motorbike ambulances will save many lives and probably have already, in the first few days.  Unlike in this country, where the lives we save are due to the use of medicines or a paramedic’s interventions, over there it’s often a simple case of getting people to a hospital or a health facility that saves lives. I feel very humble to be involved in something that will make such a big difference to people.”

And a big difference they have made indeed, within two days of the December 1st launch, one of the bikes had already transferred 17 people to a hospital or health clinic, potentially saving their lives.


As a forerunner to the generous donation, 60 first responders were trained by PONT and the Welsh Ambulance Service in the Mbale region, ensuring sustainability and longevity of the local project.

Patient Trips Completed

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