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The Southern Ethiopia - Gwent Health Link

Metasebia writes: "Tayech Ermias is a 25 year old primigravida. She lives 5km away from Shone health centre. She knew that last year one woman near her home died in labour. The woman could not get to the health centre in time because of lack of transport. After many long hours in labour by the time her family could bring her to the health centre she had already passed away."

"Tayech heard about the motorbike ambulance during her antenatal check up. When she went to labour around 4:00pm her family called to Eshetu, the motorbike ambulance driver, who came within 20 minutes and brought her to the health centre. Dawit, the midwife (trained by the link in October 2009) helped her to give birth around 6:00pm to a 3kg healthy baby boy. She stayed at the health centre for 3 hours.

During these 5 hours the driver waited for her to take her back to her home. She is very happy with whole service and was keen to come back to the health centre to tell her story."


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